LA Art Show 2015 Recap!

Check out some great coverage of the LA Art Show’s 20th Anniversary by Lauren Cullen, at Thanks to Lauren for finding our installation in the secret chamber of the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles Special Exhibit, and including us in the article, complete with awesome action shots of DangerBeez painting live!

LA Art Show 2015

“SAVE THE BEEZ” Campaign in effect! Live Painting Installation by @dangerbeez featured in Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles exhibition. Artists: Petal, Blosm, Sonji. LA Art Show 2015.

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Las Amazonas: Graffiteras de Los Angeles

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SATURDAY! August 9, 3-5pm
Las Amazonas: LA’s Leading Female Graffiti Artists
Slideshow & Dialogue
El Segundo Museum of Art
208 Main St, El Segundo CA

The “SCRATCH” art experience @ESMoA featuring the “LA Liber Amicorum” aka Getty Blackbook, brings graffiti art into the gallery at a magnitude and scale that I have never seen before. Naturally the exhibit is attracting a lot of attention and praise and drawing in a new audience. So people have questions, they ask, ‘Are there any female graffiti writers?”

We usually keep it low key… But we can’t let the guys take all the credit! So this Saturday, for the first time ever we give u the answer

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LA Liber Amicorum
Getty Blackbook
Blosm & Petal

Info & More pictures coming soon