Tranquilo Gallery “Roybal: Man of the People” Exhibit

Opening reception for “Roybal: Man of the People” Exhibit, dedicated to Civil Rights Era activist and politico, Edward Roybal, hosted by Tranquilo Gallery on Olvera Street, the birthplace of Los Angeles. I am honored to be a part of this exhibit with some great LA artists and muralists, including Margaret Garcia, David Botello, Wayne Healy, Joe Bravo, and Art Carillo! Many thanks to curators Tommy O’Balles and Art Carillo for the opportunity!



3rd World LA…
I am very thankful to live in a “developed nation” and have potable running water. We can really take our quality of life for granted, forgetting what it would be like if we didn’t have water on demand to drink cook and clean. What I can’t get past is that somehow within this developed nation, I find myself walking through “developing communities” with 3rd world conditions, past tent cities that sit beside luxury condos, on freeway over and underpasses. There is a huge Tent City surrounding the 6th Street Bridge construction site made up of people who were basically evicted from living inside the LA River, i see more tents up in the street than ever before. In a city with a steadily rising cost of living, increase rents and property cost, but no increased wages to go along with these rising costs, we really have to ask ourselves how developed are we?
What actions can we take to effect change and create affordable housing? Are tents the new model for “affordable housing” in LA ?




TEMPT 1 “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” Art Exhibit

TEMPT1 Skate Deck Art Exhibit & Pop-up Shop
Saturday 12/3/2016! @ Maintain Shop

Featuring design collaborations between the legendary TEMPT1 & feature artists:

Much love and many thanks to the Los Angeles graffiti family for coming out to represent for our brother TEMPT ONE! The “CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP” event was a great success!!! Thank you everyone for all your contributions thank you to all the artists thank you to Maintain Shop for providing the space. Much respect to K2S2N, LOD, FB, & 213 Crews for sponsoring the “TE” merchandise. Every lil bit adds up, this is what community is all about! Truly inspiring!!!
If you missed the opening, the exhibit will be up for a few weeks and TEMPT collectibles, “Temptibles” are still available for purchase at Maintain shop and online at

All proceeds go to TEMPT for his medical care. Come thru and show some love!
Thanks again for all the love and support stay tuned for the next… #TEMPT #LA #graffiti #cantstopwontstop



TEMPT Wall Restoration

Restoration of the TEMPT Wall,  originally painted in Downtown Los Angeles in 2010, this collaborative work by over 50 graffiti artists, is dedicated to Los Angeles graffiti legend “TEMPT1”. The black, white, and silver mural features one of TEMPT’s original signature handstyles (painted here by long time partner in crime, ANGST1) towering over the dozens of pieces in the letter mash-up below. Tempt is currently battling against ALS disease and unable to move his body, this mural is a giant get well card from the LA graffiti family to our brother, a great artist and man. We continue to hope and pray for his miraculous recovery.

As graffiti goes, some lames hit the wall with a toyed out “unauthorized collaboration” of their own so it was time for the annual restoration of the wall. This years restoration team includes Petal, Blosm, & Angst. June 2016

For more information on TEMPT 1 please go to:

LA Art Show 2015 Recap!

Check out some great coverage of the LA Art Show’s 20th Anniversary by Lauren Cullen, at Thanks to Lauren for finding our installation in the secret chamber of the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles Special Exhibit, and including us in the article, complete with awesome action shots of DangerBeez painting live!

LA Art Show 2015

“SAVE THE BEEZ” Campaign in effect! Live Painting Installation by @dangerbeez featured in Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles exhibition. Artists: Petal, Blosm, Sonji. LA Art Show 2015.

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